wtorek, 25 października 2011

Beirut - Postcards from Italy

there were always golden rocks to throw by Emma Dajska

an obvious choice for our first theme...


The Paper Songs is an online project created and curated by two bored truants.

The Paper Song is a piece of music turned into a postcard.

Each month, we'll post a song - our theme for the next 30 days

By the end of each one we will post selected postcards (our taste is the only criterion:) along with the authors' names and the links to their websites.

If you want to participate, send your submission to papersongs@gmail.com
Don't forget to tell us about your website or blog if you have one!

If you'd just like to suggest us a song, or show some nice new music, we'd also love to hear from you!



Your project should be a graphic synthesis of the song, 
but it can also relate to it's  author, lyrics (or title), melody, instruments, official video etc. 

We want your postcard to be as personal as possible, but the reference to the song should be visible for the others.

We accept all kinds of medias and techniques that could make a real, paper postcard: illustration, collage, photography, painting, graphic/typographic composition, print, etc.

The size of a postcard is A6 (105x148 mm = 4,13x5,83 in), horizontal or vertical. Please send us 72ppi .jpg files.

Only one postcard per week from one contributor!